Rent a CAR

What is the minimum rental period?
Minimum rental period is 24 hours, 7 days weekly rentals, monthly rentals are calculated over 30 days.

Is the CPC delivery vehicles airports?
Istanbul Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen Airports delivery vehicles 24 hours a day can be made. Officials Our staff will meet you the day and time that you previously informed to our office.

Is there a delivery vehicle URL address?
When requested delivery of the vehicles can be made to your address, you will be charged € 0.50 as the mileage fee, upon receipt of the vehicles back through Istanbul will not be charged any fees.

I would like to extend my rental period!
The beginning of the leased vehicle before the expiration of the specified period by informing our office 24 hours before the extension is possible, extension of the period of 2 days or more can still be done if the bank transfer payments in person to our office.

Is the vehicle insured?
Insurance and Compulsory Traffic Insurance All vehicles are under warranty.

What should I do my rental car broke down?
Just us reaching our company should be given information on their phones. Faults that can be corrected as soon as possible at the point where the tool will be addressed by our mobile customer service, long-term repairs needed
Not fault arising from use of the recording) is allocated a second car.

How do I crashed the car?
Leaving the scene of an accident, the vehicle’s location and without changing the position of our company to a competent authority and giving us the necessary accident report, arrive at the scene of the police or gendarmerie unit for alcohol checks and other transactions should be expected. Then there is an impediment to progress in vehicle traffic, our company will allocate a new vehicle. Accident reported in tenant has the defect rate is charged for allocated new vehicles.